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21st of May | Gareki by Hanacch
21st of May | Gareki
Happy Birthday, Gareki-kun!

Manga: Karneval
Chapter: Cover chapter 43
Author: Mikanagi Touya
Took from L.O.V.E. Scanlations

Program used: Photoshop CS6
YoshitoKenji | Kissing Time by Hanacch
YoshitoKenji | Kissing Time
Manga: Omairi Desu Yo
Chapter: Chapter 8, page 26
Author: Yamamoto Kotetsuko
Took from a scan of September Scanlations

Program used: Photoshop CS6
Hey guys!
I decided that I will add in the description box of my colorizes some information and also credits of the original scan/opera.
I want to do this so you will know all the information that you need, and also because I think that credits are really important, even if this is for a scanlations group.
Another reason is that sometimes people ask me if I draw what I post, so I'm gonna clear this point: NO, I DON'T DRAW ANYTHING. I just save a mangacap and colour it following original official arts of the authors and my own fantasy. 
So, after my next work I will edit all the description box.
If anyone has questions, don't be afraid and ask me!
And forgive me for my horrible english, I promise I will improve!
Szayel Aporro Granz | The Monster by Hanacch
Szayel Aporro Granz | The Monster
In these few days a challenge on made me re-watch Bleach and AAAAH I LOVE THIS MANGA SO MUCH.
One of the questions of the challenge was "Who is your favorite Espada?" so here Aporro, one of my fav character of Bleach!

Manga: Bleach
Chapter Cover chapter 274
Author: Tite Kubo
Took from Maximum7 Bleach's scanlation team

Program used: Photoshop CS6


Hanacch's Profile Picture
Hana | Asia
Asia|Italy|20| A+| Taurus

I can do colorize request on manga/black&white pic!

My passions are anime&manga, fantasy, cosplay, music and others!
You will found here a lot of Karneval works, because it's my favorite manga!
Also I like telefilm (such as Misfits, Sherlock, AHS, GOT, Supernatural and other) and no-japanese stuff (HP, South Park, Starfighter, Knite, KPOP, Adventure Time, Scott Pilgrim)

If you want to talk with me you can message me on my tumblr, and other (under request I can send facebook profile)
If you are French I can try to speak French as well (I studied at school and I will study it at university, I can't speak/write in a fluent way, but I can try!)

I use deviantart to publish my photoshop's edits and works, like colorizes. And cosplay photos too! <3 (I can't draw, so please stop asking on my photoshop's works if I drawn it, when i will found the credits of the original image I will put it in the description)

Obviously English is not my native language, so I apologize for errors and issues </3


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